Lana Ray (Glendora Studio Newborn Photography)

I had a feeling when Lana’s Mama called me for this session it was going to be great…I mean after all her name is Diana! Lol! The best part was, they brought her to my Glendora photography studio, which is so fun because we have all of the props and background on hand for maximum selection and styling!

I love the process of the session and getting to know my new parents, especially first-time parents, it is such a special time. The best part was we figured out a mutual connection, I had photographed Lana’s cousin for the Glendora Girls Tennis Team just a few months earlier…such a small world!

Lana wasn’t so sure about my macrame swing at first, but once we convinced her it would be fun, she was good to go for the rest of the cute props and setups that we tried. What an awesome session, look at this perfect baby girl! OMG! Thank you guys for bringing her into the studio and letting me play with her, she was amazing!

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Glendora Newborn Photography, Newborn Baby Girl in Prop Stroller