Los Angeles Newborn Photography Sessions

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Access to our beautifully curated catalog of props, accessories, and backdrops. (view HERE)

2-3 hours of studio or in-home photography (within 40 miles of Glendora, zip code 91741)

Stunning color and exposure-corrected high-resolution image gallery, available for downloading, sharing, and printing.

Professional retouching on your 5 favorite images ($20 for each additional).

No fee for additional family members.

Los Angeles Newborn Photography by Diana Henderson. Glendora newborn photography studio details, props, tie-backs, albums, newborn clothing, newborn prop pillows


Hello there! As a Los Angeles newborn photographer, I offer studio newborn sessions as well as in-home sessions. Studio sessions will be offered at my home studio in Glendora starting at $600. I am happy to come to you, as I have done for the past 20-plus years, my price for an in-home session starts at $750.

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(add $150 to all collections for in-home sessions)





Los Angeles Newborn Photography by Diana Henderson. Affordable Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, Newborn photography pricing.

2-3 Hour Newborn Session

High-Resolution Digital Images

Retouching on your 5 favorites



$150 Savings!

Los Angeles Newborn Photography by Diana Henderson. Affordable Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, Newborn photography pricing.

2-3 Hour Newborn Session

High-Resolution Digital Images

Retouching on your 10 Favorites

25 custom announcements

8×8 Heirloom Linen or Leather Album with 5 spreads


2-frame wall art up to 11×14



$175 Savings!

Los Angeles Newborn Photography by Diana Henderson. Affordable Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, Newborn photography pricing.

2-3 Hour Newborn Session

High-Resolution Digital Images

Retouching on your 10 favorites

50 custom announcements

10×10 Heirloom Linen or Leather Album with 8 spreads


3-frame wall art up to 16×20


Our Los Angeles newborn photography sessions are typically done within the first 5-14 days after the baby is born. This is a special window of time when we are able to catch little ones while they are still sleepy and very flexible. As babies spend more time out of your tummy, they become more aware of their surroundings and are more particular about every aspect of their new life (hunger, temperature, swaddling, etc.). Our goal is also to capture them before baby acne and possible hair loss as well, which usually begins just after the two-week mark. That all being said, there is never a “bad” time to photograph a newborn and I will take them at all ages.

A typical newborn session lasts 2 to 3 hours and is a mix of solo shots of the baby, siblings and family photos, if requested.

For in-home sessions, a small area is usually set up near a sliding door or in a room with good natural light. Diana will bring flash for additional lighting.

Sessions can also include family members or pets at no additional charge.


Step 1: Please send a message through our contact form to let us know your due date is coming up, whether you would like a Glendora studio or in-home newborn session, and any questions you may have.

Step 2: When we are ready to get your due date on the calendar, a booking link will be emailed to you. During this step, we will gather information about your family and your stylistic preferences for your session. A deposit will be paid to hold your due date on our calendar. It is crucial to achieve this step prior to delivery if possible, so tired Mommies and Daddies aren’t trying to make artistic decisions after birth.

Step 3: Our new parents send an email or text from the hospital to alert us of the arrival of the baby and to set up our photo shoot date and time. If you are having a scheduled c-section, a session date can be arranged prior to the birth.



It is best to try to feed the baby as close to the start of the session as possible. For an in-home session, before beginning this feeding, it is very helpful to have the baby in a clean diaper and a warm blanket so we don’t disturb them as the session starts by removing clothing. For studio sessions, we will try to remove the baby from the car seat with as little disturbance as possible and top them off with feeding if necessary.

If you would like any guidance on clothing for family photos please click HERE for Diana’s “What to Wear” tips.

After 20 years of collecting, I have many diaper covers, hats, headbands etc. but please feel free to purchase things from etsy or plan on using blankets or things people have given you for the baby. It is a lot of fun to style the session to your tastes and preferences and to really make it unique to your family. I am always up for any fun ideas, please feel free to email with plans you may have prior to the session if you would like my input as well.



After the session, the images are edited and color/exposure corrected to make sure all is looking great. About 7-10 days after the session these images are uploaded to a private password-protected website for you. These images are yours to view, share, download and even print from your private website. You may download the images in high and/or low resolution so you can print on your own, share on social media etc. Once you have had a chance to browse the images, please let Diana know your favorite 5 images for retouching.



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Is Diana Vaccinated?

Yes, Diana was fully vaccinated as a child and is up to date on her adult vaccines.

Can family members or pets be included in the photos?

Diana loves to include any and all special members of the family as part of your session. Unfortunately, pets cannot be accommodated at the Glendora studio for the safety of all visitors.

Are the high-resolution images included in the price of the session?

Yes! All images are uploaded to a private website in high resolution with full download and printing rights. There are no hidden fees, watermarks, etc.

Is any retouching included?

Yes! We want your images to look your best so 5 images of your choice are professionally retouched per session.

Can/should I nurse my baby during the session?

Feeding and soothing are a normal part of the session therefore, breaks will be taken as necessary to make sure the baby stays as happy and content as possible.