Clara & Oliver

A couple of weeks ago I took a little trip over to Melrose to spend a few hours with baby Clara and big brother Oliver. Mom was worried Oliver might be a bit too active for our shoot so I just put him to work being my “helper” and we had a blast! They both did so well and we got some fantastic shots in their gorgeous home. Thank you so much for having me and letting me get my “baby fix” with little Clara! Here are a few of my favorites!

Side note: If you are a new Mom reading this with an upcoming shoot…before I forget, and you want me to bring that fantastic aqua backdrop with the white feather shapes to my next shoot, I can’t it was their stunning wallpaper!

Props Used: Gray Wood Floordrop, Pink Wicker, Pink & Gray Zig Zag, Aqua Wood Floordrop, Gray Zig Zag, Wire Basket, Gray Dot, White Baby Bed